Ancestral Tourism Alliance

The Ancestral Tourism Alliance (ATA) is a collective voice working to ensure that people of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to find a connection with their lives and experiences. These people are ancestral tourists.

Our personal heritage is a huge part of who we are. In an ever more complicated world, when the family unit itself is acquiring an increasingly rich and diverse identity, more and more people find the urge to seek answers to the present in the past. This journey involves discovery, anxiety, curiosity, knowledge gained, new skills developed, and the telling of fascinating stories. For some this involves travelling within the country where they were born, but for others it can mean 'going home' to the land where they or their ancestors came from.

The Alliance brings together the wide range of organisations and individuals who seek to provide services, information and experience to these ancestral tourists. They include:

  • travel companies and accommodation providers
  • museums, libraries and archives
  • tourism organisations and destination management partnerships
  • civic and heritage sector
  • family and local history worlds, genealogists and researchers
  • schools, universities and colleges
  • artists, craftspeople and retail
  • local authorities

The ancestral tourist is only now being recognised as a significant force in the worlds of learning, tourism, and well-being, and as a group whose needs deserve greater attention. By speaking with one voice and working together, the Ancestral Tourism Alliance can realise our shared ambition in ensuring that ancestral tourists' discovery of their heritage is a rewarding and satisfying experience.

The ATA aims to use our collective skills and voice to:

  • gain recognition for the significance of ancestral tourism in the national and local economy
  • unite commercial, voluntary and public sector interests for the benefit of the ancestral tourist
  • showcase excellent projects and practice
  • develop a coherent national approach to ancestral tourism based around local partnerships

To show your committment to ancestral tourism just complete the sign up form on the home page.