Targeted solutions and marketing

Recognising the importance and potential of ancestral tourism to your area or organisation is an important step, but to realise that potential you will need a series of bespoke solutions and marketing support targeted to reach these customers.

We bring not only significant background in understanding and developing ancestral tourism, but also practical experience of developing, marketing and delivering these services.

Our support can include:

• Review of your current experience of ancestral tourism
• Analysis of the potential market for your organisation or area
• Identification of any specific targets for example geographic or industry specific groups of ancestral tourists
• Identification of specific products or services which could be delivered to these target audiences
• Development of an outline marketing plan with recommendations on key messages, communications channels and use of communications tools both traditional and digital

Our fees are negotiable, and we can tailor a package to suit your organisation’s needs or the specific requirements of the project that you have planned. Please contact us for further information.