Partnership development and project management

No single organisation has the combination of skills, capacity and resources to deliver ancestral tourism. Partnerships across private, public and third sectors are crucial to deliver the needs of ancestral tourists and to maximise the benefits for each organisation.

We combine experience and expertise in all these areas and have created ancestral tourism partnerships, strategies and projects for local communities, counties and nations.

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Keynote speakers and lecturers

You can secure the services of an ATP member, or an industry specialist and expert from our professional network, to deliver a talk or lecture to your seminar, conference or event about ancestral tourism – what it comprises, and how it can benefit your organisation.

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Targeted solutions and marketing

Recognising the importance and potential of ancestral tourism to your area or organisation is an important step, but to realise that potential you will need a series of bespoke solutions and marketing support targeted to reach these customers.

We bring not only significant background in understanding and developing ancestral tourism, but also practical experience of developing, marketing and delivering these services.

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