Meet the Partnership

The the Ancestral Tourism Partnership has a wealth of knowledge, skills, network contacts and experience in personal heritage, communications, tourism, local government, cultural agencies, partnership-building and project management.

We are in a unique position to support the development of ancestral tourism in England.

Brian Ashley an independent consultant, was Regional Manager for the Museums Libraries and Archives Council with 30 years experience and networks within the public sector at a strategic level, mostly in the East Midlands. With roots as a chartered librarian and family historian, Brian connects the intrinsic benefits of ancestral tourism to the wider public policy agendas and partnerships.

Katherine Wilson provides strategic marketing and project management input to a range of organisations in the cultural, heritage, service and health sectors. Katherine was project manger of the Ancestral and Literary Tourism project for Renaissance East Midlands. Katherine is a chartered marketer and Prince 2 Practitioner.

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